1. Bamboo Super-Structure:

This is actually the key feature of bamboo house. Individual bamboo pole, owing to its low cross sectional area and slenderness-ratio, is incapable of acting as load bearing member for larger spans. This inability of individual bamboo-member has been addressed by putting two or more bamboo culms together in a geometric configuration.

The Building components like Column, Beam, Truss and purlins are designed to be like a kit of parts which correspond with each other in dimensional and geometric formations.

2. The Bamboo Mat Board Jointer:

In this project we have developed a Junction-box made from a 12 mm Bamboo Mat Board (BMB), which serves as jointer. The Junction box is fixed with bamboo-column, Beam is placed on top and bolted with the side plate.

3. Bamboo Composite wall:

The composite wall panel can also be termed as Bamboo Ferro-cement.

The composite-wall is simple adaptation of traditionally made Wattle-and-Daub walling system. The vertical bamboo poles are grouted inside 230 mm Brick work.

Bamboo-splits are woven along with the vertical bamboo poles to form a mesh like surface. Hexagonal wire-mesh is tied over the bamboo mesh from both the sides. The Woven-surface is then plastered with 1:6 cement mortar.