QuB - Bamboo Cottage

Hobby / Study Room (QuB_175)


Built up area : 175sq.ft
Main Chamber : 125sq.ft
Verandah : 50sq.ft
One room-verandah unit, which is an ideal solution for adding extra living space on your open terrace

Guest Cottage (QuB_250)


Built up area : 250sq.ft
Main Chamber : 175sq.ft
Toilet : 32sq.ft
Verandah : 60sq.ft
A compact cottage, with attached bath+toilet unit and a provision for kitchenette / pantry is an independent living-unit complete in itself. This would be ideal add-on as PG accommodation or even as room for visiting guests on existing terraces.

Home Office (QuB_325)


Built up area : 325 sq.ft
Main Chamber : 264 sq.ft
Toilet : 20sq.ft
Verandah : 50 sq.ft
About 25ft long and 11ft wide, with a provision for small toilet (3.5ft x 5ft) is designed to function as home-office or a small library, tucked away on your terrace.