List of Projects Implemented by Wonder Grass

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Client Project/Product Location Description Built-area Year of Completion
NMBA Demostration structure at IITF New Delhi Launching of our new cottage design 'QuB' 200 Sq ft 2011
Wonder Grass Sales Hub A Sales Office and Showroom - Built in Bamboo Bangalore 500 Sq ft 2011
Surabhi Foundation Corporate Office for Surabhi Living Heritage, Mumbai Mumbai 'QuB' module modified to suit the requirements of the corporate office, with basic comfort systems like AC etc. 500 Sq ft 2012
Selco Foundation Sales-kiosk for solar-based lanterns in Slum of Tubrahalli Bangalore 'QuB' modified to suit the requirement of affordable and dismantlable sales-kiosk 100 Sq ft 2012
Work-shop unit - 1 at Peth Extension of Working space at Wonder Grass facility at Peth Nagpur 16 ft wide and 55 ft long workshop space was added --- 2009
AB Rolling Mills, Bhilad Workers Housing - Modular Living Units Vaapi / Gujrath 12 ft X 16 ft living unit as a module - 25 such modules were repeated 900 Sq ft 2009
Work-shop unit - 2 at Peth Extension of Working space and Bamboo storage space Nagpur 16ft wide and 72 ft long workshop with bamboo-storage unit 10 ft wide and 60 ft long 1750 Sq ft 2011
Structural test of Bamboo house Structural Behavior Study and Analysis of Structural Performance of Bamboo House Delhi 2010
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