Treated Bamboo

Wonder Grass offers a range of treated and seasoned bamboo.

les, along with a set of prefabricated building components, which can be bought in 'off-the-shelve' format. These components can be pur together in various permutation-combination (just like different parts in a lego-kit can be), to build a space of desired size and quality.


Indian summer continent receives abundant sunlight throughout the year and in access during four months of the summer. Thus, shading devices/panels can help reduce heat gain on walls and rooftops. Wondergrass has come up with a range of 6 type of panels to address various spatial, climatic needs and requirements.

Panels can have multiple applications like fencing, visual barriers, sunshades and partition.
A set of 5 different panels are available, which can be used for variety of application to suit individual functional requirements and meet personal aesthetic sensibilities of the user.

BIY (Build it Yourself Kit)

Wonder Grass currently offers a set of 3 'BIY' kits. These kits address the built-environ requirements like roof-top extensions, a Pergola, a Gazebo or a complete living space, which can serve multiple functions, like home-office, an extra-room (PG) on terrace or anything you like to make it.

These Kits have a compact packaging and are lightweight to transport.

Interior Accessories

Wonder Grass has developed a small range of interior furnishings like a 'Diwan', a Book-shelf, Wall-hung shelve, 'Mangal-Deep' a Lamp-shade and a stool. These used inside a bamboo-cottage will provide for a complete experience of an eco-friendly and elegant living-space.
The key feature of the design is that all the elements, like 'Diwan', book-shelve etc are easy-to-knock down, flat-packed and light-to-carry.
These furniture pieces would be particularly useful for a mobile household, young professionals or even students in hostels, as they are easy to dismantle, simple to pack and assembled with minimal ease. You move into a new place where you can carry basic furniture to start living out-of.