Interior Accessories

Wonder Grass has developed a small range of interior furnishings like a 'Diwan', a Book-shelf, Wall-hung shelve, 'Mangal-Deep' a Lamp-shade and a stool. These used inside a bamboo-cottage will provide for a complete experience of an eco-friendly and elegant living-space.
The key feature of the design is that all the elements, like 'Diwan', book-shelve etc are easy-to-knock down, flat-packed and light-to-carry.
These furniture pieces would be particularly useful for a mobile household, young professionals or even students in hostels, as they are easy to dismantle, simple to pack and assembled with minimal ease. You move into a new place where you can carry basic furniture to start living out-of.



A low height cot; Wonder Grass offers a simple, lightweight and very elegant looking cot.


Wide : 2'-6"
Long : 6'-6"
Hight : about 14"



In a design language which is similar to that of Diwan, this book shelve is about 4'-6" long and 1'-0" wide. It has two shelves and can be used for multiple of applications. It is contemporary in its outlook and yet novel. It can easily be used as table in 'Living-space' to keep TV and related accessories. In your bed-room as shelve for books etc.


Long/Length : 4'-6"
Wide/Width : 1'-0"

Sit out on the terrace, covered garden or just extra storage over the terrace.

Wall-Hung Shelve


This is a simple, yet very functional storage system which is easy to mount on walls, and can be used for various applications. It has two shelves, and a bamboo-pole fixed at the bottom useful for hanging various kinds of things like key-chains etc.

The basic design allows it to be used for various kinds of applications; can be used in a kitchen to take care of the basic cooking related storage like bottles of spices, some pots-pans on top shelve while mugs are hung onto the bamboo-pole.

The same shelve can be used in a living room or bed-room for keeping books, some collection of artifacts, CD's or small music-system.

Mangal-Deep – A lamp-shade


Designed by Vinooji, this is a simple yet very beautiful lamp-shade, it creates nice patterns on wall as the light pours-out of it.

Butterfly Stool


A take on the traditionally perfected 'Mudha' stools, we see all around on street-markets and bazaars, made from 'Sarkhanda' or a elephant grass. The design par excellence, Wonder Grass interpreted it using bamboo. We may not come close to the beauty, sheer simplicity and elegance of a modest looking 'Mudha', but the 'Butterfly – stool' has its charm and finesse.