Shri. Vinoo Kaley

'Bamboo man of India'

Bamboo artisans across country knew Vinoo Kaley as Guruji, who is fondly remembered as 'Bamboo man' by his associates, colleagues, friends and almost everyone whoever met him.

His passion for bamboo, his conviction that bamboo has immense potential to bring sense of joy to the face of artisans across country, his inexhaustible energy and untiring efforts to translate his conviction in reality was so infectious that everybody whom he touched could not but believe that bamboo is indeed the 'alchemist stone' !!!

His presence is still around us in the form of numerous intangible aspects, the most enduring is the 'conviction' which found its way into our brains and is refusing to live us making us restless to work.

Our efforts are powered by the dreams which once Vinoo saw for bamboo. We draw our energy from what he wrote about bamboo, from what he felt for bamboo and bamboo artisans, from what he designed and built with bamboo, from what he believed in and fought for all his life.

We draw our energy from the bamboo-clump which stands at the head of his forgotten burial place.

We hope that we are able to do what he left unfinished, for us to complete.




Shri. Vinoo Kaley

Somehow Vinoo Kaley was much like his favorite bamboo with great tensile strength in his inner fiber and at once delicate, supple and responsive to nature. Vinoo was the breath in bamboo without wich it does not sing. The task is to keep flute singing.

K.T. Ravindran