1. Design - innovation and technology development:

Collaborate with Building-material research establishments and other technical institutions to undertake assignments for development of innovative building systems. Wonder Grass has an in-house team which keeps working on and evolving better and more refined construction-methods using bamboo. It is our constant endeavor to constantly better our products and systems.

2. Composite structures and composite materials:

Composites have immense applicability in various sectors and areas of habitat construction. We are looking at two kinds of composites.

  • Composite structure, is where we are combining two kinds of building-systems and achieving a better performance or optimum performance from the materials used.
    Eg. One can look at combining Fabric and Bamboo to evolve and develop tensile structures with different applications.
  • Composite Materials, where we are actually developing a different material or material application by bringing two different materials together under the industrial conditions.
    One the best example of composite material is Bamboo Mat Board where Bamboo-mats have been transformed into a board of standard sizes and thickness.

3. Large-span structures:

Large span structures have a verity of applications for urban as well as rural India. We have already started some initial attempts at developing building-systems for large-span structures. The work would be continued, systems would be refined to the point where it can be standardized and put in the market for commercial applications.