Are bamboo buildings sound proof?


Bamboo house cannot be sound proof. The sound transmission depends on a lot of factor in case of houses. The bamboo composite walls are relatively thin, sometimes around 50-60mm thick. the junctions are not completely sealed, this makes it easier for sound to travel on the other side.

Are Bamboo Houses Water-Proof?


The external wall surfaces are either cement plastered walls or composite material, which essentially resists water to seep through. In wondergrass houses, there is a due effort while designing to make sure that there is no seepage of water inside, either due to rains.

We also suggest larger roof overhangs coupled with greater roof slope in regions with high rainfall. Thus, it will take care of water seepage.

How long does it take to grow the bamboo required for one home?


Bamboo culm (read bamboo-pole) attains its maximum height-girth in the first 6-9 months of shooting. But it takes roughly 3-5 years (depending on specie) for the culm to mature and achieve optimum strength. These poles/culms are useful timber source for building houses.

Typically a 1BHK house, 400 sq ft. will require roughly 500 poles to build and 1acre of bamboo plantation produces 800-1000 poles per year.

What is the advantage of using bamboo over wood?


Bamboo replenishes faster, is available in abundance across India, is light in weight, and compared to wood is stronger in terms of volume to mass.

Can bamboo be used with other materials, like concrete/wood/mud/brick?


Bamboo can be used in combination and conjunction with other building materials like cement, brick, etc. A wise and appropriate use of materials like bamboo, steel, cement, bricks will help us make a better home.

Is it necessary to get an approval from the government for a bamboo house?


Bamboo buildings are categorized as 'temporary' in building by-laws of municipalities or the town planning authority of the respective regions, hence go through much more easier (in many cases it may not be required to take the permission) through the scrutiny and cumbersome sanctioning processes in urban context as well in the rural context.

Are the people who carry out the construction skilled artisans?


At wonder grass, we have a team of skilled and trained artisans who are well versed with bamboo building systems. Some of the artisans in wondergrass team have an experience of 4-5 years in building bamboo houses.

Does climate play a role for Bamboo structures?


Yes, climate plays a key role in the maintenance of a bamboo structure. It would be advisable to go for bamboo structures where the climate remains partially constant throughout the year without drastic changes, especially in terms of humidity and precipitation.

What kind of maintainence is required for bamboo houses?


As any other building, a bamboo house will also need a basic form of maintenance, like painting, cleaning etc. The maintenance of bamboo house will typically involve: 1. Scrubbing and cleaning of bamboo poles and members. 2. CSNL(Cashew nut shell liquid) coating The maintenance for a bamboo house will be 2-4% of its cost of construction.

What is the time involved to complete a bamboo house/structure?


Building with bamboo is fast. As most of the building system, is built-fabricated off-site (in processing-centers), the actual construction time on-site reduces manifolds. Fabrication at the processing-centre gives us a better finishing and quality control. Fabrication time and the Erection time for a given building-unit varies depending on the size, built-form and the type of structure.

Typically, a 300 sqft. QuB, type of a cottage can e built in a span of 1 week (the time is not including the construction period for the foundation).

Would it be possible to do a G+1 structure with bamboo?


Yes, it is possible to do a G+1 structure with bamboo. In order to build a tow or more storied bamboo structures, Due care should be given structural design aspects of the bamboo building system.

What are the possible spans that can be covered with bamboo?


If one is looking at only a Single-Storey structure, we have successfully implemented structure up-to a span of 30 feet. We are currently in the process of developing structural systems to span 100 feet and more for some large-span building applications.

What is the construction technique used at Wonder Grass?


Structural components: A typical structural system for the building-components like column is a lattice-grid system, where two-or-more bamboo poles are joined together in a geometric configuration to enhance its structural behaviour. At Wonder Grass, we have developed a set of building components like columns, beams, trusses and purlin, etc. The joinery-systems we are employing uses galvanized MS Nut-bolts, MS-Plate connectors, Wooden-boxes and Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) joints.

How strong are bamboo stuctures?


Bamboo as a building material compares well with timber(teak) in terms of its structural properties. It had a compressive strength at par with that of a teak/brick and tensile strength at par with steel. The performance of bamboo house depends largely on various factors of structural systems. There has not been much research in India for bamboo as structural component At Wondergrass, we adopt a scientific approach to design and engineer bamboo house to be structurally sound. As a part of which, Wondergrass is partnering with a building material testing laboratory, Geotech testing labs to carry out a systematic research in enhancing the understanding of the behavior of bamboo as a structural material.

What is the type of Bamboo used for construction purposes?


The species primarily being used are Dendrocalamus strictus and Bamboosa Arundenesia, because these are commonly available species in the region where we have our processing/fabrication units.

Are Bamboo buildings safe in case of a fire accident and what are preventive measure?


Bamboo is a woody-material and is susceptible to fire, but is naturaly fire-resistant. The Outer-most skin of bamboo is primarily made of Silica, and thus resists fire. Bamboo can certainly be made a fire-resistant with coating of various fire-retardant chemicals available. The smoking treatment makes bamboo further resistant to fire. When protected from prolonged exposure to fire, bamboo can be considered safe.

Is the Bamboo treated? If so, what kind of a treatment is carried out and how does it help?


We are following two treatment systems, Boric acid – Borax (popularly known as BB), and Copper-Chrome-Boron (or CCB) with pressure-impregnation method. The Boric-Borax (BB) treatment involves soaking bamboo in a solution of Boric Acid – Borax for a span of 48-72 hours and drying it in a shed. CCB pressure-impregnation is carried out in a chamber designed for the same. We are developing treatment systems – methods, which are improvised from the traditional methods of bamboo soaked in running fresh-water stream. We are currently exploring/experimenting with smoking chamber treatment.

What would a Bamboo House cost?


The cost of a bamboo house or a given structure depends on the various factors, from size, form and material finishes involved. Typically, a QuB series in Wondergrass will cost you between 600-800 rupees per sqft Depending on the material finishes for the walls, choice of the roofing materials, etc.

What would be lifespan of a typical bamboo structure?


A bamboo structure would live up to a period of 25-30 years, if bamboo used is treated an seasoned, and annual maintenance is carried out religiously.